Show Prep | 6 Convertible Totes DONE!

Just a quick post to say I got 6 convertible totes DONE! Hooray!

3 in my Jewel Tone Palette:

And 3 in my new Autumn Splendor palette:

I took some quick pix of each bag individually, because I really like to record everything, I find it really helpful to look back at what I’ve done. Here are a few of my favorite parts:

I have high hopes that a few of these will find new homes at my show this weekend (Art for Heaven’s Sake)!

6 Responses

  1. Of course they’ll find new homes – they’re great. Heck, I’d propbably buy one if I weren’t going to be completely broke after a weekend at PIQF! Have a great time and the show and come home sold out.

  2. I just love them. They are beautiful!! I would buy them and would have a very hard time picking one.