Faux Snow Dyeing | In Stitches 8

Last Spring, my patio was looking especially gorgeous, with the Jasmine blooming out of control! I snapped some pretty pix for an article I was writing: how I accomplish snow dyeing in a place where it never snows. This “Faux Snow” dyeing article was for “In Stitches vol. 8“, which is an e-mag. I love these – they’re a digital magazine only (for Mac, PC and iPads) so rather than being just pictures, there are slide shows, pictures that you can enlarge at will to see every detail and videos!

I’ve really come to love using videos to show a process, now that my first 2 dyeing e-courses are “in the can” I’m much more at ease setting up and taping a demo in my backyard patio, so I really enjoyed shooting the faux snow dyeing video.

There are lots of really cool articles in this issue, take a look at these rock stars:

I’m happy to be in there with them!

This is the quilt I made with the fabric I dyed for this article – the fabric really reminded me of Monet’s Water Lilies paintings from his Giverny garden. I blogged about the construction of this quilt here and here.

3 Responses

  1. My first cotton fabric dyeing experience was this summer. The scrunch technique gave similar results to your snow dyeing, but with singular colors. I love the multi color results of your fabrics