One Moment | The Relief of an Audition Complete

I’ve gotten out of the habit of these “One Moment”  posts, and I miss them! They really do help me remember the little moments that make each week it’s own place in time, rather than just another week – does that make sense? It does to me!

My older son Liam is in 10th grade now, and he’s really focused on his music. The select youth orchestra he was in last year (called CYMO, the Claremont Young Musician’s Orchestra) has auditions every Fall – they have to play scales, a solo, and then 4 different orchestral excerpts they receive only 3 weeks before the audition. In our house, our dining room is the music room, so when people are practicing, especially the trombone, the whole house gets to hear. As Liam gets older, he’s got more to practice, so those practice sessions get longer…and longer…

Anyway, we all went to Claremont for the audition – Logan and I stayed in the car, I was a nervous wreck! But Andrew went along and listened (through the door) to the audition and Liam did very well! Phew!

Although we won’t know the results for a week or two, we went out to King’s Fish House for a celebratory dinner:

He’s a bit blurry, but looking happy and relieved! (I am too…man these auditions stress me out!)

Logan was excited to order his first fish and chips from the GROWN UP menu:

We’re ALL excited we don’t have to listen to Liam play the hard parts of “Scheherazade” again (there’s a lot of triple tonguing in that!), for awhile at least!

One Response

  1. I can just imagine how stressful it must be to go through the audition process!

    At least when the whole household has to listen to practice sessions, you are listening to a competent musician — not like a young child with a recorder (which used to drive me to distraction)!

    Your “one moment” posts are a really good idea! Life passes so quickly and weeks tend to run into each other — speaking as one whose child has grown and left home; now I’m left wondering where the 3.5 years of her marriage and 2.5 years of Older Grandson’s life have gone!