Wahooo! Back to School!

The boys went back to school on Wednesday! A bit of nerves for both my sophomore and my 6th grader, but they both look happy here!

It was great that Mema and Grandpa Dave were still here:

The biggest challenge for us as a family for the next 3 years: Liam has to be at school by 7:25, and Logan’s school doesn’t start until 8:45! Luckily he can be on campus starting at 8:15, but it is tough to have such a big gap between the two. Mema agreed to pose only after she’d showered (you can see Grandpa Dave peeking around in the pic up above)!

 I am happy to report that both boys had a great first day! Logan’s really connected with his teachers, and had lots to tell me. (Liam had a horrible sixth grade year, and we specifically asked that Logan not get the two teachers Liam had. I think we made the right call, even though he’s not with most of the kids from his GATE class last year.) Liam also had lots to share: his Latin teacher is MUCH nicer this year (thank GOD, that was his toughest class last year), his AP European History class that everyone says is the HARDEST class on campus didn’t seem that tough, and surprise, surprise – he loves his Chemistry teacher! (Hooray! This class can be such a bomb with a dry teacher!)

Now, I’ve got 3 weeks home alone to finish all sorts of projects! (Most importantly, finishing Dyeing 102). Now, a week or so ago, I discovered that the shopping cart on my shop wasn’t working! 🙁 So, now that it’s working, I’m going to have a sale!

Everything that is ready to ship is on sale, from now until Labor Day, September 3rd! Not only all the Everyday Art in my main Shop, but registration for Dyeing 101: Controlling Color and Dyeing 102: Controlling Texture as well! Help me celebrate the most wonderful time of the year!

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