Operation Nasty-Carpet-be-Gone Update 1

We got rid of the carpet up the stairs and down the hall. Andrew wanted to get a good look at the stairs, and how the railing was attached. Good thing too, because there was a whole second set of plates that were hidden under the carpet.

We also got to see the source of the low spot in the floor we’ve felt every days since we bought the house. That hall actually slopes up and down, peaking where they actually cut the plywood out and patched it! Logan was a good helper, vacuuming up a goodly amount of the staples, etc…

Andrew’s been planning and scheming on how to tackle the stairs. We had to buy him a bandsaw so he could make all the curved cuts for the stair, that came today, and he’s got it all set up (it took several hours!)

We’ve also got the bedroom content down to bare bones, so when it’s time to remove the carpet in there, we’ll move a few small tables into the bathroom, and just shift the bed from one side to the other. A couple pieces of furniture in there have lived long past their prime (Particle board covered with plastic looking wood stuff bookcase? Tall TV cabinet that doesn’t hold a TV and is made from mystery plywood we bought in a Lowe’s?) They are not coming back in this bedroom!!! Where the books, photo albums, sleeves of pictures, and stretched art quilts go? This is still to be determined!!!

Things are ticking along!

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