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Okay, so I’ve been so busy working on my goals that I haven’t had time to post them! LOL! Now that I’ve got a few moments, I’ll check in on the list and see what else I need to do this month!

June Goals

Tie Dye Day with Logan’s Class  June 4  100%
Quilt Scene Submission  June 7  100%
2nd 2 guest posts for Quilting Daily  June 7  100%
Tamra Wild Rice (@8%) long wrap skirt  June 7  100%
Donna Ocean Surf Charmeuse Scarf  June 7  100%
Karen Charmeuse Stole special purple/black colors  June 7  100%
Robin cotton drawstring pants (Earth & Sky)  June 20  100%
Mr. Pena 2 XXL tees (Black Orchid and Earth/Sky)  June 20  100%
Tweak Blog sidebar, resize main content area  June 30  100%
Registration and first 2 weeks of Dyeing 102  June 30  100%
Bag for Mary – finally started!  June 30  10%
Get started on Aida’s website  June 30  100%
 Add “In Person Classes” info to website  June 30  25%

Boy Howdy! Just about everything is crossed off that list! Hooray! I do know that I tried to be as realistic as possible for June – we had a week of vacation in there, plus the yearly Pokorny Low Brass seminar that my husband organizes and teaches at, we (and by we, this time I mean a lotta me because the hubby is so busy running the seminar) hosted a couple of dinner parties, plus the awesome concerts we went to each night.

Then only reason I was able to cross the BIG thing off my list, launching Dyeing 102,  was because I failed vacation. Yup, I did!

I was supposed to be doing a whole lotta sitting in this hammock reading a book:

But instead, I was sitting at my computer, mapping out the class and generally getting lots written, and more important, finalizing all the ideas that had been swirling in my head for the past months. Now, do NOT feel sorry for me, I was sitting at a table where I could look up and see this:

I still played plenty of card games: Skip-bo with Logan during the day, and Nertz tournaments at nighttime with all four of us. (What? You’ve never heard of Nertz?? It’s an awesome double solitaire-like game for four people, I shall blog about how to play sometime soon!) I spent some time on the boat we rented and got lots of pix of some successful fishing:

(the fish was flipping water in his face!) and a beautiful sunset as well:

…but by my Hubby’s definition of what a vacation is, (leaving daily responsibilities behind and reveling in doing nothing), I totally failed! I did de-compress, in a way; I’d been thinking so much about Dyeing 102 for so long, but not ever written it down, I really needed to get it out on (digital) paper so I could see if what I was thinking was a viable course. It was, and man, I wish I’d put those ideas down sooner, I think I would have been less stressed out.

Note to self: making a list about something you’ve been planning in your head is always helpful. You’ve been doing it with these monthly goals posts for a couple of years now, you’d think you’d know this by now!

Yep, I do things the hard way, learning the same lesson over and over!

OK, so what else do I want/need to get done this month?

July Goals

Headband pattern for Quilt Scene  July 9  90%
Sessions 3-5 in Dyeing 102  July 31  10%
Work on new Botanical Sketch motifs  July 31  0%
Work on Shaun’s new site  July 31  0%
Backyard Dyeing class with Barbara and 5 of her friends!  July 14  0%
New pattern prep for tablet cover class July 31  0%
Bag for Mary – finally started!  July 31  10%
Continue working on Aida’s website  July 30  0%
 Add “In Person Classes” info to website  June 30  25%

I also have a BIG home dec project coming up – details tomorrow! Fingers crossed it all gets done!

But now, I’m going back to work on Dyeing 102: Controlling Texture! If you’d like to join us, we’d love to have you. Don’t forget there’s and “early bird” special:

You’ll learn how to dye some fantastic textures like these:



Interested in the meetup? Find out more here, any one is welcome to join!

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  1. Yaaay! Congrats on all your hard work! I know the feeling of needing to get something done, even on a day off 🙂 Good luck in July!