20 Years and Counting

20 Years ago today, Andrew and I were walking down the aisle:

Look how happy we are!

Hubby is busy all week with the Annual Pokorny Low Brass Seminar that he organizes and hosts at the UoR School of Music, so we won’t celebrate until Sunday, or sometime next week; but celebrate we will in some fashion or other, because this is a big milestone!

It’s hard to grasp, 20 years. It sounds like a huge amount of time, but it seems to me like it’s gone by in a flash:

  • We’ve lived in Chicago, Kentucky, Ohio and California.
  • We’ve raised two boys, with Liam at 15 years old college isn’t far in the future!
  • 2 beloved pets have passed on, but our dog Stirling was added to the mix 3 years ago and supplies us with the unconditional love that all
  • My Mom married an awesome guy who makes her happy.
  • 8 different nieces and nephews have been born and are all growing up into awesome people.
  • We’ve lost Andrew’s Dad and seen his Mom slip away into Alzheimer’s.

Lots of joy, tempered with a bit of sorrow. And through it all, we support each other, making sure that we both get to do the things we love.

I wish I had more digital pix to share from the day, but I’ve not had time to somehow make that happen. I do have a couple of pix of my dress I took last year (here’s the story about it) that I love, so I’ll share those again:


I love these pix!

But I love my husband more! 🙂

Here’s to another 40 years with this awesome man! I’m looking forward to sharing lots of joy, and am relieved to know that he’ll help me through some sad/tough times as well.

5 Responses

  1. Congratulations. 20 years is a huge accomplishment. Have a wonderful celebration when time permits.

  2. Happy Anniversary!!!!!! It was such a beautiful wedding! It’s so nice that you and your brothers are all in such wonderful happy marriages!!! I hope all our kids find the same 🙂