Google Friend Connect is Connecting us no more!

Oh dear, I’ve been meaning to blog about this forever! I added Google friend connect to my site at some point because a couple of folks had commented and said “I can’t connect with you!” As I read blogs through Google Reader, I hadn’t really thought about this aspect, but discovered that it was possible for wordpress sites to have the widget, so I added it!

Except, now Google is kicking us non-blogger blogs to the curb! Oh well! If you’re reading me through Google Friend connect, I’d love for you to either add my to your RSS reader/Google reader account, or subscribe to my posts via email – all in the links in my sidebar, right there under subscribe  —->

And since no post is complete without a photo, here’s an oldie but goodie of some connected bird friends!

p.s. I hope you’re having a lovely Valentine’s Day! My hubby made orange creme brulee tonight (the 13th) in preparation for a lovely dinner he’s planning for tomorrow. Can’t wait to see what he’s been scheming!

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