Introducing My First E-course | Dyeing 101: Controlling Color

It is with great joy that I announce the launch of Dyeing 101: Controlling Color, my very first e-course! I have spent the last few years connecting with people online, all while growing my little business, honing my craft, and making art. It now seems an obvious extension, to combine all these loves and develop an e-course, but I do believe that I needed every step along the way of my journey to make this happen.

This self-paced online course is designed to teach you how to use Procion MX Fiber Reactive Dyes on cotton in a controlled manner. Whether you are a beginner, or someone who has dyed in this manner before, my intention is to help you gain confidence in color mixing on cloth and raise you from apprentice to “journey(wo)man” status. I will lead you through creating a series of color palettes and then teach you how to use those to reproducibly dye small or large amounts of particular hue.

Specifically, you will learn how to create the “Candiotic Table of Elemental Color” using just over 2 yards of fabric for the swatches and small amounts of 6 different primary hues of dye. After creating this awesome reference palette, you will learn how to use this 66-step gradation of color mixing to dye larger pieces of your favorite hues, create color wheels, then shades, tints, and tones of these hues.

This page
 tells you all about the course, and has an “add to cart” button to purchase if you’d like to join us. I wanted to share my early bird coupon with my awesome loyal blog readers: type “WORM!” (because you’re an “early bird”, get it??) while you’re checking out and you’ll be able to purchase the class for 30% off, or $69 instead of the regular $99.

I intended to start the course February 1, but I’ve already finished the introduction and first session, so it’s live as of yesterday! I plan to release a lesson every week until all 8 sessions are up, and they will remain there for your access until you have the time. This is a self-paced course with no expiration date, so you can fit the dyeing in when it’s convenient for you!

What does have an expiration date is the coupon code…it’s only good until February 1st. So if you’re thinking about taking the class, I urge you to consider enrolling now so you can save 30%.

I opened registration up yesterday and have already enrolled several people in the class. I am beside myself with excitement! I know that this would not be happening if not for the incredible support that I get from you – yes YOU! – coming by and reading my blog. Even if you don’t comment, I know that you’ve been here, and knowing that people find my art and my process worthy of a few minutes of their time is truly awesome support. Thank you!!!!


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  1. Congratulations on getting this course off the ground! I am so impressed by everything you are accomplishing. Go Candy!!!