Looking Forward to 2012

Re-reading my beginning of the year posts from last year makes me laugh – meaning that I could say almost the same thing this year! In short, I had a great year. ¬†I’m working towards figuring out what I like to do, and what I don’t like to do, when it comes to moving forward as an artist. The biggest realization for me was the beginnings of integrating my artistic and teaching sides. I really really like getting things published. It’s validating, fun, and an awesome way for me to reach more people. The opportunity to teach via DVD was unexpected and exciting. But I had more traditional teaching interactions last year too, and it was a) enjoyable and b) earned me money! Ding ding ding! ūüôā

So this brings me to

My Word for 2012


I’d like to focus on connecting in couple of different ways:

  1. Improving on how I connect with people online.
  2. Combining different facets of my life, mainly finding new ways to become a teacher of what I do as an art quilter. I used to almost hide that I was a scientist while talking about my art, I really don’t know why, but I thought that I would be less of an “artist” this way. But I’ve received several compliments from people after they’ve either used a pattern I’d written or seen my DVD regarding on how much the like the way I create measurement tables, whether they are for amounts of dye or dimensions of fabric to cut. The way I approach dyeing and fabric construction resonates with a certain population of makers out there. I need to nurture that connection!

I’ve never been a fan of resolutions, they set me up for failure. But “inclinations” help me focus without all the baggage that comes along with resolutions. The ones I had last year and the year are still important to my growth as an artist, thus:

My Inclinations for 2012

Create more Art!

Communicate my Art!

Long Term Artistic Goals

  1. Continue to work more in 3 dimensions.
  2. Explore the shape/idea of house/home.
  3. Continue to work with restricted color palettes.

Long Term Business Goals

  1. Keep on keepin’ on in the money generation department. Try very hard not to get hung up on the bottom line, but remember that contributing to the family coffers can bring joy and relief to all four of us.
  2. Launch first online dyeing class.

Long Term Online Goals

  1. Find new ways to communicate with folks about your work: get Facebook fan page figured out, install some sort of commenting plugin that makes replying to comments easier.
  2. Don’t get too hung up on stats. If you blog it, they will come! ūüėČ

Pie in the Sky Goals

  1. Get published in print…again! I’ve had such a great experience with this, I want it to continue.
I’ve already been working really hard on one longterm goal! I’ve got my first online dyeing course mapped out and I’m collecting email addresses of folks who may want to join me starting ……….NOW! Click here to read more!

Now, to get down to brass tacks! Here’s how I did on finishing up the year with a BANG!

December Goals

Finish up DVD Blog Tour Dec 8 100%
Handmade Gifts Giveaway Dec 16 100%
5-10 more Zipper wallets Dec 11 0%
2 Custom Scarves, Black Orchid Variations Dec 19 100%
Package up Birdie Earrings Dec 11 75%
Decorate House for Holiday Studio Tour Dec 11 100%
5 – 10 Journal covers Dec 11 100%
iPad, Nook, Kindle cover pattern HOLD! 75%
3 Botanical Sketch Pillows Dec 11 33%
3 More Convertible Totes Dec 11 0%
Smiley Science Fair Fundraiser Ornaments Dec 3 100%
Custom clutch to hold an epi-pen Dec 22 100%
Custom dye footstool slipcover Dec 22 100%
Lots of Christmas presents! Dec 22 100%
Test and dye Radiance for Lynn Dec 31 100%

Oftentimes what didn’t happen in one month gets rolled over to another – this time I’m starting with a clean slate!

January Goals

¬†Launch “Dyeing 101: Controlling Color” ¬†Feb 1 ¬†20%
¬†Convertible totes and pattern for “Modern Patchwork” ¬†Jan 13 ¬†20%
¬†Nesting baskets and pattern for “Modern Patchwork” ¬†Jan 13 ¬†10%
 Inventory and prep for taxes  Jan 31  0%
 Bag for Mary (pitiful, that this comes and goes, this time it shall be done!)  Jan 31  0%
 Laptop bag for my new laptop  Jan 31  0%
 Install and evaluate commenting plugin(s)  Jan 31  0%

Whoa, is that a short list or what? I am trying to be realistic – I’m teaching an overload this Spring (a new lab that I have to teach just like all the professors) at the day job and I’d like to really focus on my “Dyeing 101” course, so I’m going try to not get too distracted! Sharp-eyed readers will notice that I’ve already got 2 publications lined up, woot! Long time readers will know that I will not be satisfied with these and hope to find other opportunities this year as well!


5 Responses

  1. You did have a great year! I love where your journey as taken you and you most certainly should embrace your scientific side. It’s part of what makes you, YOU. Have a fantastic 2012, Candy!

  2. Hi Candy, I have to tell you I love that you are a science teacher and an artist. You are using both sides of your brain everyday, Yay! The April Fools post you wrote on my blog was a perfect example. Your teaching skills keep your lessons organized and your observations are very detailed. Dyeing is so much like chemistry (but I think it is so much more fun). I’m still waiting to see you on TV. My PBS channel is just working through QA series 800, but no Candy yet. I hope to see you soon… Happy New Year. Chris

  3. I think your short list for January is sublime! And wow, what a sum up for 2011. You and your work are amazing, and I hope that you get to all the places you want to be going in 2012!

  4. I am always inspired by you, your work and your enthusiasm! I’m so happy for you and the huge strides you have made this year and I know 2012 will be even better. In addition to connecting with others you want to connect your worlds of teaching, science and art – connect is a great word for you this year. Woot for 2012!