Candy Claus Checking in on Her List

Don’t forget, entry into my Hand Dyed Scarf Giveaway ends today (Friday) at 5 pm.

Wahoo! I gave my last final today. I’ve got one exam to grade, some final grades to calculate and then it’s Christmas Vacation! I need to check in with my Candied Fabrics to-do list, and then make a Candy Claus to-do list!

December Goals

Finish up DVD Blog Tour Dec 8 100%
Handmade Gifts Giveaway Dec 16 50%
5-10 more Zipper wallets Dec 11 0%
2 Custom Scarves, Black Orchid Variations Dec 19 0%
Package up Birdie Earrings Dec 11 75%
Decorate House for Holiday Studio Tour Dec 11 100%
5 – 10 Journal covers Dec 11 100%
iPad, Nook, Kindle cover pattern HOLD! 75%
3 Botanical Sketch Pillows Dec 11  0%
3 More Convertible Totes Dec 11 0%
Smiley Science Fair Fundraiser Ornaments Dec 3 100%
Custom clutch to hold an epi-pen Dec 22 0%
Custom dye footstool slipcover Dec 22 0%
Laine’s Website: Waiting for her soon 99%

I got some things made for my holiday studio tour, some of the things that didn’t get made I don’t really need for  awhile, so I shall not worry about the wallets etc…but I’ve got some Christmas presents to make!

  • Dye: Tees for Bryce & Adam, dresses for Teigan & Maren
  • Pillow: for Mom to match her birthday ones
  • Over the shoulder tote: for Madison
  • Circle Zip Earbud Pouches: for Madi, Kendyll, Karyssa, Erin, Liam

Woot! I gotta get those exams graded so I can start making these presents – fun, fun FUN!

One of the classes I teach is a Forensic Science class. Their final project is to form teams and set up a crime scene for another team to analyze and solve (and then the tables turn). Their “exam” is to present to the rest of the class their analysis of the crime scene. I just had to share the intro to one done by these awesome students:

Isn’t this the bomb?

OK, I hope you have a good weekend – are you making anything for Christmas?

8 Responses

  1. What fun, love the Highway patrol car. Glad your studio tour went so well. I think I have a secret pressie for a friend, then there are some Christmas cakes to bake and I know there was something else!
    Enjoy your marking?????

  2. You are doing such a great job checking off your list. I just had to write back about forensics. My daughter (16) has been talking about going into forensics for the last 4 years or so. She is currently finishing up a semester of an online forensics course. Forensics(i think) should be a hands on kind of class. Unfortunately she hasn’t had a great experience with it (doing great grade wise) . Your class looks like they really enjoy themselves. You must be an awesome teacher. Thanks for sharing all your “funness” with us.

  3. How cool! I should have gone into forensics! My fiancée just said it’s not too late! I suspect i’ve got enough degrees for any one person, but wow! Wish they’d had that class when I was in college (and with you as my professor!)
    Also, I like your lists – think I’ll start those in 2012!