Artists for a Cause Report | November Goals Check in

After all our worrying last week, we had totally awesome weather on Sunday! We were able to raise quite a bit of money for the charity (this year was the Redlands Bowl). I am so happy that we all made it through a busy weekend! My birthday party on Friday was a lot of fun, but so crazy busy that I didn’t get a single picture! However, I did get a few pix from the show:

Why yes, my tent does slant down!

OK, so I made through my shows with lots of stuff to sell. I didn’t get everything made that I wanted to, and now a bunch of stuff was sold, I’ve got more to make. Although all my big shows are done for the season, I need to have lots of gift type items for online sales and local folks. One new exciting venture I’ve been cooking up is a local artists studio tour on December 11.

November Goals

6 Zipper wallets November 5 100%
Package up Birdie Earrings November 5 75%
Modern Patchwork Submissions November 11 100%
5 – 10 Journal covers November 5 0%
Postcard for Holiday Studio Tour  ASAP! 100%
iPad, Nook, Kindle cover pattern HOLD! 75%
3 Botanical Sketch Pillows November 5  0%
3 More Convertible Totes November 5  0%
Shaun’s Website: Done for now, but this is ongoing ongoing 100%
Laine’s Website: Waiting for her soon 99%
10 more Zipper wallets December 11 0%
Get more items in online shop! December 1 0%
Promote my DVD blog tour! December 8 10%

Don’t faint – but I’m going to actually take a few days off! Hubby has a conference in Scottsdale at the end of the week and I am going with him – 4 days away from the studio, whatever shall I do? 😉

3 Responses

  1. Your stand looks great – very enticing.

    Caring Hearts Community Quilters had a stall at the Spring Fair on Saturday; I volunteered for the afternoon: between four of us we sold less than $100 — so disappointing!