Dyeing to Stitch Blog Tour day 1 | Victoria Gertenbach from the Silly BooDilly

Hooray, it’s begun! I’ve been plotting and scheming for a month for an exciting way to celebrate my most special birthday – it’s 11/11/11, how awesome a date is that? It will only happen once in my lifetime!

I thought I’d celebrate with a giveaway worthy of such a momentous event. Earlier this month I sent a copy of my DVD to bloggers whose work I really admire, and asked if they would host a stop on a blog tour – all these amazing women have agreed to review and giveaway a copy of my new DVD, Dyeing to Stitch.

I am so honored they’ve agreed to do this! I’ve spread it out a bit so that I have ample time to write up posts to tell you a bit about why each woman on that list inspires me. First on the list:

Victoria Gertenbach from The Silly BooDilly

Do you know Victoria’s work? I’ve been an admirer of hers for year s. Last August, while taping my first episodes of Quilting Arts TV, I met Victoria in the green room, as she was taping that day as well. I’d been introduced to her and we’d chatted a bit but I didn’t realize who she was until she unfolded one of her quilts, and I immediately exclaimed “Oh, you’re Silly BooDilly!” I had never really registered her name, with such a distinctive blog name, but oh, her work is so incredible:

Work Quilt #3 - Detail

The lines, I just love the lines!
Color Weave no.2 - Art Quilt - Detail

She gets such incredible texture in her work, and takes such lovely photos.

Muslin Table Runner

She explores so much in her work, from pojaji seams:
Pojagi Panel #3
to stitching on paper.
A Treasure Map for Zoe
She has just settled upon a the perfect term to describe her work “Rural Retro” and I can’t wait to see what comes from this new endeavor. But now, go visit her blog and enter the giveaway for my DVD!

6 Responses

  1. First let me say….HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Second, I’m looking forward to following your Dyeing to Stitch Blog Tour. I already follow several of the bloggers listed but I’m looking forward to discovering some new ones in the coming weeks. Thanks for the wonderful surprise. Now go and enjoy a fabulous day of celebration!

  2. Congratulations on the DVD tour! Your DVD is great and worth celebrating.

    Oh I love the beautiful hand stitched lines mixed with the hand stitching. Gorgeous and a fabulous idea too!

  3. What an awesome day to have a birthday and what a fabulous way to celebrate. This blog tour has not only introduced me to your blog …which I love!…but given me a chance to ..hopefully..win one of your dvd’s! I’ve dyed fabric since I was a teen ager 40+ years ago and love learning new techniques and ways to use the finished products. Your work is beautiful in all ways!