Art for Heaven’s Sake 2011

Well, my biggest show of the Fall is over! Phew! They start the show with a Friday night opening party, from 7-10 PM. It was SO busy, that I didn’t have very many sales, very stressful. However, I was very busy most of Saturday! I had my DVD playing on my iPad all day, it was so great to actually be able to show interested folk how I do something!

I sold enough on Saturday that I needed to rearrange some things on Sunday:

And now I’ve gotta take a look at my October goals – I’ve updated them to reflect what I need to get done by my next show:

October Goals

DVD pre-order page October 5 100%
Package up Birdie Earrings October 13 75%
More Convertible Totes October 13 100%
6 iPad Covers October 13 100%
6 Kindle Covers October 13 100%
6 Nook Covers October 13 100%
5 – 10 Journal covers October 13 0%
iPad, Nook, Kindle cover pattern October 30 75%
5 Birdie Clutches October 13 100%
3 Botanical Sketch Pillows November 5  0%
3 More Convertible Totes November 5  0%
Dye fill in Scarf empty spots November 5  0%
Dye more rayon wraparound skirts November 5  0%
Dye clothes commissions November 5  0%
Shaun’s Website: Done for now, but this is ongoing ongoing 90%
Laine’s Website: Waiting for her soon 99%

Yup – lots of stuff to do! But first, one more picture: this is my favorite picture from the bunch:

I’m going to share this over at Cyn of Riverdog Prints‘s meetup called “Collecting Color”!


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  1. Such a bounty of glorious color! Glad things went well for you. What was your best seller? I’m guessing your scarves. . . I love the skirts. Very pretty!