Winner of the Quilting Arts Gifts Giveaway!

Wow! What fun it was to read all you’re planning to make for the holidays! I know it seems a little early, but giving away a copy of Quilting Arts Gifts, I couldn’t resist asking!

Without further ado, the winner is:


And that is….GINA! Gina is a blogger who blogs about both dyeing and clay here at her blog “Clay and Fiber”.Gina, look in your inbox! If its journals you want to make, I got you covered! And I’ll be tucking a piece of hand dyed fabric in the package as well! 🙂


And, speaking of giveaways, here’s a doozy you may want to check out: There’s a contest offered by Cashier Live, a point of sale software company, at Indie Biz Chicks. This caught my eye because my local Art Association uses a computerized POS and it gives people fits. I’ve sent this info on to the person who’s trying to simplify ours – maybe Cashier Live is the answer! For more information, go here:

That’s all for now. I finished what I was working on here late last night, and hope to have a photo session and show the finished results later today.

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