Back to School…The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Wahoo! Here in Redlands, the kids go back to school in early August! They’re on a modified traditional schedule, which means they only have 2 months off in the summer, and longer December and Spring breaks. This means they’re done with the whole first semester, exams and all, before Christmas, which makes lots of sense. It also means that I get a good 3 weeks to myself before I’ve gotta start teaching. I totally need it this year, because I’ve got LOTS of stuff to do!

Look at my big guys! Here’s a peek at last years back to school.

OK, I’m off to the studio!

6 Responses

  1. High School – eeek! Hope they have a great first day back. It’s first day for us here in AZ too. My little one is starting Kinder! I’m looking forward to having the boys be on the same schedule this year.

  2. I love the title of this post, and I agree. We just went and put supplies and backpacks in my 6th grade son’s and my 8th grade neighbor’s lockers at the middle school. Tomorrow is sneak a peek for elementary school. Yay, I’m so excited!

  3. Liam has lost that “childish look” – he’s becoming a man now! Logan has also changed but not so obviously.

    Can you please explain to me the school system in America? In NSW, Australia, we have seven years of primary school (Kindergarten to Year 6) and six years of high school (Years Seven to Twelve). Some students leave in Year 10 to pursue trades but most stay on until Year 12.

  4. Kendyll said “WOW am I glad I don’t live in California!” Don’t quite think she’s ready for school to start just yet!! I can’t beleive how grown up Liam looks. Did he enjoy his first day of “GULP” high school?