Trusting My Process

So, I was doing some dyeing yesterday:

and I was very surprised by the color of the chartreuse (top right), it looks waaaaay to dark,  and the plum (bottom middle) looks a bit brown. No matter how many times I do this, I still need to remind myself that, with dyeing, what you see in the dye pot is NOT what you always get when the fabric is washed and dried. I have to trust in my measurements and wait! But sometimes I do worry that I made up my dye stock wrong, or measured something improperly.

I dyed some perle cotton with a bit of the dye I mixed for the yardage, and it dried out mid-afternoon, so I was able to start rinsing it out – the plum looks much better now:

I’m still not too sure about the chartreuse, I’m gonna have to be patient and wait til it’s all washed and dried.

Hopefully they’ll all look like they’re supposed to:

Jewel Tone hand dyed fabric

and if not, well I’ll overdye them into something else! 🙂

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