One for the road!

Holy Moly! I kinda dropped off the map, didn’t I? Well I’ve been busy busy picking up Andrew and Liam from the big airport (LAX – ugh! Usually we’re able to fly in and out of a smaller airport that’s much closer to home) after their big adventure. My Droid broke (thank GOD for my friend Liz who lent me her phone so I could navigate to the airport and Andrew could call me so we could find each other). And finishing up a web design project. And getting ready for another big adventure – Logan and I take off to Massachusetts today to visit with family and connect with some old friends (yay Facebook!).

And of course…I needed a new bag! I made one more convertible tote, just a bit bigger so my iPad has some breathing room. I’ve got a new Droid, so I should be able to blog on the trip…but if you don’t see me here for a week or so, you know I’m having too much fun! 🙂



7 Responses

  1. I love the bag soo much! Maybe when you have time you could do a blog post about using hardware for bag-making? (Or have you done that already?)

  2. Candy, I really like this one! I love how you’ve incorporated commercial fabric with your hand-dyed… the grey color really balances the intensity of your dyed fabric well. I hope to see you do more like this! Nice way to push yourself! Robin