Mid-Month May Goals Check in

I had a fantastic time at my dyeing workshop this weekend, I can’t wait to tell you about it! However, I’ve got to get two things made and shipped by Thursday for Quilting Arts Gifts, so I’ve gotta get working on those right NOW! Mayterm is over half over, summer is sooooo close….AHHH!

May Goals

Going Green Totes for Spring Shows Nope! Doesn’t matter now! May 7 75%
Botanical sketch pillows May 7 100%
5-10 Zip Wallets May 7 100%
5 Birdie Clutches 🙁 May 7 10%
Show: Art in the Park May 7 & 8 100%
Dyeing Workshop SB Presbyterian Church May 14 100%
Set of Buckets for Harp playing Mary May 21 0%
Custom Backpack for Kira May 31 0%
MiU Proposal May 26 0%
Replacement Index Card holder May 16 0%
Angie Questions May 8 0%
Dye and ship out prizes May 31 0%
2nd draft Shaun’s Website May 31 25%
iPad sleeve and Journal for Quilting Arts Gifts shipped May 19 0%
Patterns for Quilting Arts Gifts May 23 0%
iPad Sleeve for Danny’s sister May 27 0%

Yep, I’m gonna need a vacation soon!