Meetup | May Goals

Mayterm starts today! Am I ready? For teaching? Yes! For my 2 day show that’s this coming weekend? NO! I will do the best I can!

April Goals

Get on the Bus fundraiser event April 2-3 100%
Red Dirt Art Festival April 9 100%
Announce Anniversary Giveaway April 7 100%
Switch online shop from PayPal to Cart66 April 7 100%
Messenger Pattern April 30 80%
DYE SCARVES! Top up stock, 104 scarves for Golf Tournament, 15 for Jamie’s wedding April 9 100%
Going Green Totes for Spring Shows April 9 75%
Interview Question back to Liz April 7 100%
6 iPad Sleeves April 9 100%
Botanical sketch pillows April 9 30%
Guest posts/tutorials for Sew Mama Sew April 8, 11, 18 100%
Custom Dyed Wedding Stole April 20 100%
More Proposals May 5 100%
5-10 Zip Wallets May 7 50%
5 Birdie Clutches May 7 10%
1st draft Shaun’s Website May 1 25%

It felt great to get those scarves delivered earlier this month, and I also sent 15 scarves off to Jamie, her wedding is in less than a month – woohoo!

I also got all three of my guest posts for Sew Mama Sew written, the 3rd one is scheduled for this Friday. Also complete, more proposals sent, hopefully they will result in some article writing in the next couple of months. Also, I got a bit of fun sewing done too:

All in all, a lot accomplished! See, that’s what these posts are for…before writing this, I was feeling very down on myself because I didn’t make nearly as much as I wanted for my upcoming show, although I’ve got some time this week, not very much! But when I look back, I see that I was very busy. What is starting to dawn on me, very slowly, mind you, is that I can’t do everything. I’m going to start evaluating every show I choose to do more closely, try to find a balance, if that is possible.

OK, so what do I HAVE to get done this month??? Brass tacks:

May Goals

Going Green Totes for Spring Shows May 7 75%
Botanical sketch pillows May 7 30%
5-10 Zip Wallets May 7 50%
5 Birdie Clutches May 7 10%
Show: Art in the Park May 7 & 8 0%
Dyeing Workshop SB Presbyterian Church May 14 0%
Set of Buckets for Harp playing Mary May 21 0%
Custom Backpack for Kira May 31 0%
MiU Proposal May 26 0%
Replacement Index Card holder May 16 0%
Angie Questions May 8 0%
Dye and ship out prizes May 31 0%
2nd draft Shaun’s Website May 31 25%

Yep, I’m gonna need a vacation soon!

5 Responses

  1. I agree, that is what these are for. To look back and look ahead each month. I can down on myself about productivity also but, then when I really look, I see I accomplished a lot. Good to put things in perspective. And you are always buzzing about Candy! Much success in your upcoming show!

  2. I just love being able to mark goals off the list. You are one very busy lady. Love your blog and your art!

  3. go Candy! Love the reminder to reevaluate. I have been finding a lot of things on my daily to-do list, might not be valid/worth the time/or even helpful to me anymore… Hope all your brass tacks come together!

  4. there is that word balance again…if we remember to keep note of what we have accomplished each month it is great to look back and see…you always have incredible months and should pat yourself on the back for all that you do….Have a great May and enjoy your show, I am sure it will be better than you think…