Checking in on my April Goals

Well, today was a busy one! I gave a final exam at noon for one of my classes, and then had final poster presentations for my other class at 3 – not the best timing ever, but at least they’re over, and except for grading, I’m done with Spring semester! I’ll have the rest of this week and all of next week to finish grading and to get ready for the craziness that is Mayterm, where I teach a time intensive course that crams a whole semester into less than 4 weeks, and have lots of Candied Fabrics events as well!

So, while I’m too tired to do anything much at the moment, I can take a look at what I got done this month and start thinking about what else I can do!

April Goals

Get on the Bus fundraiser event April 2-3 100%
Red Dirt Art Festival April 9 100%
Announce Anniversary Giveaway April 7 75%
Switch online shop from PayPal to Cart66 April 7 30%
Messenger Pattern April 30 80%
DYE SCARVES! April 9 95%
Going Green Totes for Spring Shows April 9 75%
Interview Question back to Liz April 7 100%
6 iPad Sleeves April 9 100%
Botanical sketch pillows April 9 0%
Guest posts/tutorials for Sew Mama Sew April 8, 11, 18 66%
Custom Dyed Wedding Stole April 20 100%
More Proposals May 5 0%
5-10 Zip Wallets May 7 0%
5 Birdie Clutches May 7 0%
1st draft Shaun’s Website May 1 0%

It felt great to get those scarves delivered early this week, and of course it’ll feel awesome to get this semester under wraps! I’ve not done a great job of spreading the work about my Anniversary giveaway, so I’m extending it a few days – have you entered?

OK, I’ve got plenty to do – I was worried I’d be bored! I’m off to bed!