One Moment | Time is Slipping Away

On Friday, I took Liam up to Pilgrim Pines Camp, located about a half an hour away from Redlands, in the San Bernardino Mountains, so he could attend a weekend retreat with the Youth Orchestra he plays in. I could barely snap a picture of him, he was too busy meeting one of the kids in his cabin. And come outside to pose in the light so the cell phone camera would work – are you kidding? The location was very pretty, and this group is filled with other kids who’ve auditioned to be in this orchestra, Liam is safe and happy. Mom needs to be gone…so I left!

This child is growing up so fast! Time is slipping away!

om [one moment] meet up

alamodestuff Linda has started a weekly meetup based on taking a moment each week to really notice something as you go about your daily grind life. I need to do this. You may want to too – read more about it here:

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  1. Hi Candy,

    I just saw your Quilting Arts appearance making your messenger bag. You did a great job!! Just thought I’d tell you!