My New iPad: A Reason to Invent New Styles of Everyday Art

If you follow me on twitter, then you already know this – I won an iPad! Last Fall I answered a quick survey from MP Biochemicals and was entered into a drawing for an iPad. When I got an email from a salesperson a week and a half ago saying I’d won, I didn’t even believe it!

Anyway it arrived on Monday, and I LOVE it! It’s actually a bit embarrassing, how much this piece of technology makes me happy!  The glass is so responsive, and everything is so PRETTY on it.

Of course, I’m sharing it with my boys. Liam loves Garage Band, and both Logan and my hubby are big Angry Birds fans.

I, of course, had to immediately make a cover for it. I couldn’t bear to carry it around unprotected, so I whipped up a little envelope case for it. There’s a velcro flap tohold it inside and it has a little elastic pouch to hold my headphones.

I’m gonna have lots of fun designing the perfect bag to hold it, a folio-type cover too. I don’t know why, but I have almost a compulsion to make containers to hold things!

I know, I know, I am a lucky lucky gal – an awesome family, fulfillment in my day job, a passion for color and design, and now, my very own iPad!

I’d love any recommendations for iPads that YOU really like, the app store is pretty overwhelming. I’m totally digging Flipboard, recommended by Cyn from River Dog Prints and Alamode Stuff Linda. I’m so excited

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