Last Minute Prep

It seems like no matter what, I’m always squeezing a bunch of finishing touches right before a show…and most of the time, it’s finishing a bunch of my Going Green tote bags. I dye pre-made blanks and then add a colorful patch of my hand dyed fabric and “Free Motion Machine Sketch” one of my botanical or bird motifs – cutting right to the chase, which is is playing with color and doing a bit of artful “sketching”. I was able to finish about 70% of the bags I dyed last week, including some:

Lunch bags:

Market Totes:

Messenger Bags:

Large Market Totes:


Shoulder Sling Totes:

Gorilla Totes:

As always, I was making until the last second…in this case, the last second was Sunday afternoon, I had to take Liam to Claremont for an orchestra rehearsal, so I plopped the box of newly stitched bags into my car and spent some time in the park next to the rehearsal hall taking some quick photos…I’m sure the folks who saw me thought I looked ridiculous, but these pix are definitely  better than the ones I usually take on the floor of my sewing room late at night! 🙂

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