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Today’s the last day of Spring Break, and as usual, I did NOT get everything done that I wanted to. I’ve got a show this Monday, next week the hubby is hosting Gunther Schuller as composer in residence at the School of music, which means lots events for him to be at and concerts for all of us to attend, a party at our house on Sunday, AH! Yesterday my studio looked like this:

And the rest of the house looks about the same! I can ignore some clutter, but it’s reaching epic proportions! A few days ago, while digging in an overful closet downstairs for 100 scarf blanks I “told” my husband that I was gonna lose my mind, I needed more storage space. And so, he’s devised a plan to move some of my Candied Fabrics storage to the garage – but that means a thorough clearout of the garage as well. So he decided we needed to have a yard sale! Tomorrow! AAAAHHHHHHHH!

What ever isn’t gone by noon is going straight to Goodwill!

While dyeing yesterday I re-evaluated my dyeing plans, realizing I had pretty much restocked my color palettes, and although I’d hoped to get the big order for 96 scarves done this week, I’ve got more time to accomplish that. And so, today I’ll iron like a crazy woman and attempt to help the hubby get ready for the yard sale. But first, I had to clean up the studio, because I was no longer able to function in there! So now my studio looks more like this:

Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! Can you hear the difference between this ah and the one up above? This one is a sigh, that one – a scream! 😉

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  1. What you see as clutter, I see as a busy crafter/maker. My studio frequently looks like your *before* pictures, but that’s just how I work. I’d take some photos, but I think they would only give you agita. Have a lovely yard sale!

  2. Your before photo looks like my studio… on a good day. Things can get out of control FAST. It is a huge mental relief to have a tidy work space…

  3. I agree with Cyn and Angie, your studio just looks loved and pretty organized by my standards. ALSO, I am totally and utterly jealous of how much space you have. You could craft AND have dance parties in your studio!

    Good Luck with your yard sale, I hope you make a million dollars!

  4. We’re having a huge yard sale this Spring!! I CANNOT wait to get rid of 90% of the basement! We’ve been putting it off for way too long. I can’t imagine trying to put one together in a day though! Good luck =)

  5. HOpe the yard sale went well..While understanding the need for a zen space… your studio looked like a place where you had been busy creating – and I’m sure you had! Look forward to seeing all your new pieces next week!