Color Choices: Teal Slipcovers

I blogged last week about the need for new slipcovers for the Ikea stools my boys use. The light green I’d originally dyed them was no match for boys eating on them constantly!

One big surprise I got – the new slipcovers I got from Ikea are way too big. Although the name of the stool is the same…sigh…at least I don’t have to worry about shrinking these!

The teal should do a much better job of hiding stains – that was a big motivation there. I love how it plays against the light, kind of dull blue of the other stools (bigger and cushier, for me and the hubby):

It also plays very well with chartreuse – because you know, chartreuse is the new neutral! 😉 I painted the legs of that coffee table chartreuse a couple of years ago. Andrew built that coffee table like…15 years ago. I can’t tell you how many colors those legs have been, but the top is maple, hard as a rock. You know, when the kitchen’s clean…it doesn’t look half bad. It get’s cluttered and dirty so fast though!