A Krisel Mod House Ornament: Complete with Trees

So, I made some of these cute trees to go with my mod house ornaments and didn’t blog about them! (If you look in these pix from my last big show, you can see them). Once local lady wanted to give a lucky couple in her family who love Mid-Century Modern one of my Krisel ¬†ornaments, and she just had to have a few of those trees to go with them! As all the ornaments I’d made earlier in the Fall are hanging in the Redlands Art Association Gallery until after Christmas, I was able to whip up one for her.

I am soooo close to meeting all my December goals, I think I may cross every last thing off the list!

5 Responses

  1. I LOVE these! That house looks so much like our new one (colors and roof line). The trees are awesome! It would be cute to decorate a mantel with a neighborhood of houses and trees. I need a mantel!!

  2. The houses and trees would look great at any time of year! Congratulations on meeting your goals. I set very few goals for myself for December to reduce the stress of Christmas time business, and it worked!