Show Report: Art for Heaven’s Sake 2010

Well, I had an extremely busy weekend! As I’m on operating committee for this show, there’s a whole ‘nother layer of prep that goes on for Liz,  Adele and myself on this one.

The day started out a bit windy, but it died down just in time for the sun and the people…I had lots of sun from about 10 to 1, making it a bit hard to write up sales slips, but that’s a good problem to have! Later in the day the wind came, and I had a bit of a hectic time. Luckily I could tie the scarves to the racks – not quite as pretty, but safe!

The grounds of this house are beautiful…I carefully got pictures of every artist and their setup, but not a single one of the house surrounded by tents – argh!

OK, I’ve got to fly, I’ll get a bunch of pix posted on Flickr later this week, but for now, I’ll leave you with some details:

4 Responses

  1. Very fun booth! I am sure that with all of your items, you were luring in the crowds. I am still in awe of the work that your husband did to put together the shelves.

  2. My goodness girl, You sure have been busy. Your new booth set up looks awesome! The colors in your pictures turned out really well. Enjoy your trip out east!