November Goals Meetup

This was the month to prep for 3 shows: Art for Heaven’s Sake in mid-October, then 2 shows in November. I had a successful Art for Heaven’s sake, but I had some major computer woes which threw a bit of a spanner in my works. Although I have a laptop so I was still able blog and access the files I use for all my dye recipes and bag patterns, I really couldn’t focus on using my sewing room when the desk looked like this:

S0, this is what I got done:

October Goals

Dye scarves for fall shows 10/15/10 95%
Dye New palettes for Mod Houses 10/15/10 50%
Make lots of Mod Houses! 10/15/10 75%
10 Wrap Skirts 10/15/10 100%
3 more submissions 11/1/10 100%
24 Going Greeen Totes 10/15/10 1o0%
6 new Going Green Journals 10/15/10 0%
Turn Stepouts into bags! 10/15/10 0%
4-5 Simply Beautiful Totes 10/15/10 0%
Revamp the computer 10/31/10 100%
New Display for tent 10/15/10 100%

Hubby has worked his finger to the bone for me…now only do I now have a fabulous new display system for my booth, but I now have a computer system any teenage game playing guy would die for! He souped up my computer a year ago, it’s always been a bit loud, but it’s been getting louder and louder. What we discovered is that I didn’t have enough cooling power. Well honey, I do now! However, not just a new case & power supply was enough…turns out the hard disk controller on my motherboard was giving up the ghost (causing the noise that I was complaining about) . So, a new motherboard, processor and new style RAM was needed. We ended up spending as much as buying a new CPU, but the performance specs on a new computer for that price would have been much inferior.

What I’ve got to do now is totally revamp what I’m doing. I’m the featured artist at the Redlands Art Association December 4-27, and as I’m travelling to MA for Thanksgiving I’ve got to make sure that I have what I want for that corner in December!

November Goals

Dye scarves for fall shows 11/5/10 95%
New series for RAA 12/4/10 0%
Make MORE  Mod Houses! 12/4/10 0%
6 cool clutches and wallets 11/5/10 0%
Newsletter announcing November Shows 11/1/10 0%
Seriously – SUBMIT my site to a few blogs! Why am I such a chicken? 1 every week! 0%
Going Green Pillows! 11/14/10 0%
Turn Stepouts into bags! 11/5/10 0%

I’m trying to be realistic…but we’ll see! Wish me luck!

10 Responses

  1. Love the blue lights on your CPU! My best friend has a huge fan next to his computer so that it doesn’t overheat & make noise since he has so much memory & specs in it.. & it weighs a ton!

    I get scared to submit my blog too! I think it’s really intimidation of what other bloggers will think of me & my work. But I know I have to get over it if I want to grow a successful running blog/business. Once you submit to one blog, I’m sure it’ll get easier `=]

    Good luck on your monthly goals & have fun at the 2 art shows this month! Sounds really exciting!!!

  2. that computer set up is truly fabulous….and I love your office setup. My daughter Emily and I love your mod houses…can’t wait to see more. I always enjoy reading your list, Candy it makes me know that you can put it all together if you are organized and also creative….way to go….have a great month.

  3. Sorry to hear about computer woes, but your new system looks like it ROCKS! Thanks for the pictures of your office space — you know I love your studio. Have a great Thanksgiving week, and lots of luck at your art shows. I’ll see you on the 14th!

  4. Wow I applaud you on your organization, your set up looks great. I’m glad it is all working again. You seem to have another crazy month. It’s great to see you are getting out there with your shows. And getting out there with the blog thing…so scary…I’m trying too. I’m trying to connect with one blog a month. You can do it!

  5. Do it, already! (re: submit to blogs)
    “Featured Artist” – what a great thing to be! And I’m sorry we’re going to miss each other when you venture out this way for Thanksgiving. But we always have Thanksgiving Friday at our house, so you’re more than welcome to come on by!

  6. I’m with Cyn, DO IT! and yes, indeed, why are you a chicken? You do shows where you have to talk to real live people, and e-mailing blogs after that, is a cinch…. and I know it can be a little nervous making, but you still have to do it! Sounds like your computer woes are over, and so here’s wishing you great and wonderful good luck on your November!

  7. so happy to hear computer issues are over, those are so frustrating! love the new booth displays and the little clutches. wishing you a great November will a some down time thrown in, you deserve it! Happy Thanksgiving!