Mod House Ornament: Mies

This final (for now) house shape I’m using in my mod house ornaments is called “Mies” after Ludwig Mies van der Rohe – apparently his friends and colleagues called him Mies, so I figured I’d do it too, so it looks like I’m “in the know” as it were! One house he’s famous for is the Farnsworth House, a truly awesome house, designed to blur the boundaries between inside and outside.  Although this house isn’t shaped like my house, I wanted to include Mies in this group of architects as he’s such an important figure to modern architecture!

This house has a special place in my heart, it’s the one I added to my original 5 when I was making a set for Quilting Arts Gifts last May. I had the idea for this house shortly after making the originals last December, but needed the extra motivation of publication to get me off my duff and make it! Sigh, it seems like so long ago when I would finally find some time to sit in my sewing room and I wouldn’t know what to make…that is SO NOT where my life is now! 😉

I really love that blue 2-part “door with transom”… and that square made from 4 little squares, love that motif too, and have to work hard not to use it too often! 😉

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    1. Sigh, I wish that it were so, but these are bass-ackwards…I made the houses based on my simplified versions of “classic” architectural shapes, and then afterwards needed to name them. I’ve discovered that for the most part, these shapes evolve over time, it’s really hard to pin down a particular shape with just one architect (at least through my efforts). At some point I’m gonna do another series and this time I may try to make houses inspired by an architect – (my faves: Wright, Greene & Greene, and Mackintosh), or maybe even a particular house!

      Thanks Victoria!

  1. Loving this color palette, Candy. Have you set up your houses as a small village yet? I’d find it difficult not having play time 🙂

  2. We used to live right down the road from the Farnsworth house when were first married. It was a favorite place to rest on our bike rides along the Fox River.