Maker’s Must: Allisa Jacobs of Quiltish

Today I’d love to introduce Allisa Jacobs of Quiltish!

1. Where are you located globally?

Just outside Portland, Oregon. My home state!

My husband took this while I was cutting fabric on our kitchen table- long before the studio was created & early on in my Etsy shop endeavor. I love that it's in black & white and I happened to wear my "Just Do It" shirt. Very fitting for that time & experience!

2. Where are you found online?

Etsy: www.allisajacobs.etsy

My blog:

(CG: Allisa JUST did an “extreme makeover” to her blog & shop headers…and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! So spare, so simple, but just so her! Fantastic job!)

3. What is your favorite thing to make?

bags & clutches and quilts for gifts & family

Set of my custom bridal clutches- one of my favorite items to make.

4. When you’re making it…

a. what do you love most about it?

I love choosing fabrics & pairing different prints together. I really love seeing an idea come together from sketch to prints to structure to details to photographing the finished piece. And ultimately I really enjoy seeing someone or hearing that someone loves one of my items.

b. is there some part you really can’t stand?

Well, I really enjoy the whole process but get pretty frustrated when I hit a road bump, such as one of my designs not working out. I often let things rest for a bit & return to them a day, week, or even months later to give them another try.

(CG: I can NOT get over how much I LOVE this flower form Allisa! Part of me wishes I’d invented it, part of me SOOO wants to use the idea ;-), another part of me is afraid to do anything with it because it would always feel like yours!)

5. Do you consider yourself process or product oriented?

I am definitely process oriented. I generally don’t use patterns to sew (or recipes to cook for that matter!) and just enjoy sketching out ideas & figuring out how things can be put together to make something. This often leads to many mistakes but a lot of gratification when the final piece is something I treasure.

Allisa, thanks so much for sharing your process! Everything you make shows such attention to detail…and your product photos are Awesome! Bravo there! And….these tree pillows that I found in your shop? Love them! And they were in Better Homes & Gardens? AWESOME! Do tell – did you sell a zillion of them????

8 Responses

  1. This was such a great spotlight on a fabulous artist. I have been bloggy friends with Allisa for a while now, and am looking forward to really meeting her in Portland. She has an amazing eye for color and design. Thanks for this feature article.

  2. i’ve always been a big fan of allisa’s work, and it’s fun to learn a bit more about her here! ps – i love the flowers, too! so so cute.

  3. What a treat to be included in this series! Candy, you have such fantastic talent & I’ve admired your blog for so long- I’m all giddy seeing my little face up there! Your questions really made me think about my process more than I had, and I really appreciate that.
    xoxo, allisa

  4. I love these posts, Candy. I just recently discovered Allisa and her work. I really dig how she plays with patterns and shapes – the flowers are lovely.