More Process Photos

I’ve been building a set of Mod House ornaments in my new “Pine Forest” palette.

I was hoping to have one finished by the end of the week to show you…but I don’t work that way.

I prefer to work on all 6 at once, each wee house side being it’s own study in composition, but yet the 4 sides have to work together – and all 6 houses have to work together as well.

I try to use all the other colors of the palette on each house (unless there’s no contrast at all, then I’ll skip that particular combination).

I also have some favorite groupings of shapes I like to use (a large square of 4 small squares is my fave right now) I want to make sure I don’t use it too often…

Any old who, here’s where I am Thursday evening.

You know, I’ve gotta say that some days I wish that I could do nothing but make, make, make. When I see all these bits together, I get so excited!

I have visions of an entire village of these… those little windows climbing up the dark brown gable…make me want to make an entire city.

But, I also know that if all I did was make, I wouldn’t get to interact with the world! And that would be a lonely world.

I suppose I really should try to spend less time on the internet – I’ve cut way back on my blog reader – but I’d get so lonely! Anyway, just thought I’d share a bit of where I am late on a Thursday evening!

6 Responses

  1. i love seeing in-progress, mid-project photos. i don’t know if that makes me nosy or curious. i’m gonna go with curious.

    here’s to finding a good balance between making and living. i think each inspires the other.