Bumbleberry Pie for Breakfast

The weekend was busy, the highpoint was picking up Liam from a week at sleepaway music camp on Sunday. It’s a vegetarian camp, so he had requested a special dinner for his first night back before he left last week: potato salad, STEAK and a good dessert. Andrew brought some blueberries and strawberries home from the store, so I made a bumbleberry pie. It was deelicious! This morning I actually slept in late, and the mountain of things I still want to get done this summer is weighing heavily upon me. When the boys wanted pie for breakfast – I said yes! With ice cream – why not?

7 Responses

  1. berries are nutritious in so many ways, and ice cream is made from milk. sounds good to me! I love to see creative breakfast options. 🙂

  2. yum yum yum yum yum!! just came from family get together where homemade blueberry and lemon meringue pies were served. it was a bonding time when it was revealed that we and all of my husband’s mom’s family prefer pie at birthdays!! and over any other dessert ever!! pie rules – and yay Liam for sleepaway camp. that’s huge!

  3. The things summer memories are made of! Just found you from blog hoping on the quilting side. Love your work and I envy that wonderful studio. Have a wonderful day.