Maker’s Must: Libby Hampel

This week I’d love to show you some beautiful jewelry made by Libby Hampel.

1. Where are you located globally?

Ann Arbor, MI

2. Where are you found online?

3. What is your favorite thing to make?


4. When you’re making it…

a. what do you love most about it?

I love when I finish a piece the most. There is this sense of accomplishment that comes with finishing it. Sometimes I surprise myself with the end result and think, “wow, that came out pretty cool.”

b. is there some part you really can’t stand?

Varnishing each brooch gets a little annoying because I have to get into all the small spaces and make sure they are coated. And the fact that I have to apply two coats of varnish makes it even more annoying.

5. Do you consider yourself process or product oriented?

Definitely process. Many times I have no clue what the end product will look like. I very rarely sketch out ideas and my creative process is very intuitive. Of course I want to make something someone will want to buy, but for me it is more about creating what I feel. I know if I love it, someone else will.

Libby – your work is incredible. I totally understand about hating the varnishing – I feel same way about fusing interfacing! Thanks so much for sharing a bit about why you make.

4 Responses

  1. Those are just fabulous!!!!! I wonder if she’s at the Ann Arbor Art Fair – I so want to go but it’s going to be so HOT! I have got to check out her website.