Celebratory Studios Magazine Giveaway!

I hope you had a great weekend – I know I sure did! I had to keep pinching myself that I hadn’t dreamed about my conversation with Pokey Bolton last Thursday about filming an upcoming episode of Quilting Arts TV. Just when I had convinced myself it was a dream, I opened up my email this morning to find another email from Pokey asking if I’d like to do a second segment with my mod houses! Um….YES!

I’d love to share something with my blog reader buddies, and so: today’s giveaway! My studio was featured in the Summer 2010 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors Studios and I ordered a few extra copies, and I’d love to give away one (I wish I could give you all one…).

Bonus #1: They sent me the wrong issue 1st, so I’ll also include the Spring 2010 issue.

Bonus #2: I’ll throw in a delicious bit of Candied Fabric as well (tell me your favorite color and I’ll see what I can do!)

To Enter:

  1. Leave a comment telling me what your favorite color is! (Make sure when commenting you leave a working email in the sign-in so I can contact you).
  2. “Like” me on facebook, then come back and tell me in a separate comment (if you already “like” me then just tell me!)
  3. Follow me on twitter, then come back and tell me in a separate comment, include your twitter handle so I can follow you back! (if you already follow me then just tell me!)
  4. Sign up up for the Candied Fabrics email list and tell me about it in the comments (and yes, if you’ve signed up already, just let me know!

So, there’s 4 different ways to enter! Woot! 2 magazines and some Candied Fabric too! I’ll close this midnight PST, on Sunday the 18th.

24 Responses

  1. You are not going to like my answer but my favorite “color” is black. Always has been. Does that disqualify me since black isn’t a color? If I had to choose a real color, I’d say dusty teal.

    I like you, I really like you on FB.

    You know I stalk you on Twitter.

    I’m off to join your email now.

  2. I love any blue, especially clear, jewel toned blues. Love you work, and thanks for sharing the bounty!…Oh, and congratulation. I also wanted to thank you for the onesies tutorial. I made two sets (with the socks) and sent them off. They were greatly appreciated.

  3. Congratulations! What an exciting opportunity! Thanks for sharing, my favorite color is red.

  4. My favorite color is turquoise. You are going to have a blast filming – I filmed last March, it was a blur. Everyone there is wonderful and it goes very quickly! Have fun, I can answer questions if you have them.

  5. This is making me giddy – I can just imagine how YOU feel! I’m so excited for you, Candy! And woohoo, a give-away to celebrate – how lovely of you!
    I love any of your blues – I don’t have facebook or twitter, but I am subscribed to your newsletter.

    So glad you weren’t dreaming, girl!

  6. It looks like Pokey Bolton knows great talent when she sees it! Color love: 1. blue 2. green. Surprised? LOL. I already “like you” and tweet you 🙂 Signing up for your newsletter now!

  7. Candy you are amazing – I don’t know how you accomplish so much – quilting, blogging, facebook, family, projects around the house, running a business … Do you sleep??? Your blog is so full of great info – thank you. Oh yeah, my favorite color is blue -but I really love all colors -isn’t that the fun part of quilting, playing with color??