July Meetup Goals

Hello! I’m back from vacation! Perhaps I did need it -for several days I spent the whole day feeling tired (maybe partially due to the alititude) (oh, and hiking a bit) but by the end, that feeling was gone, so perhaps I needed some down time.

I had a lot of fun posting “postcards” from the trip, I’ll keep on doing that for the next week as I get back into the making groove!

One awesome thing I got to do right at the end is meet up in person with a meetup pal Angie, of Jumping Jack Designs and her family at Sand Harbor, on the north shore of Lake Tahoe. We had a wonderful time, it was so great to meet an internet friend and person and realize that the connections made via our computers reflect the actual person! Between the bright sun and lots of gabbing, I didn’t get many pix taken…but Angie took a few fantastic ones right as the sun set.

Note to self…learn how to take photos on manual, so someday I can take photos as awesome as Angie (mine are the top two…I’m sorry we didn’t get a nicer photo of her cutie pie Kate!)

June Goals
RAA Newsletter 6/9/10 100%
Flute Messenger Bag for Allison 6/9/10 100%
Anita’s Vacation Messenger 6/17/10 100%
Buy DROID! 6/20/10 100%
Get emails etc… synced with DROID! 6/20/10 100%
Computer Bag for Angie 6/20/10 100%
Notetaker for Christeen 6/20/10 0%
Messenger Bag Pattern 6/30/10 0%
Artists for a Cause Website 6/10/10 100%
Bizzi Lizzi Website 6/20/10 0%
Lesley Website 6/20/10 0%
RAA Website 7/31/10 0%

Here’s what I’m gonna try to get done in July:

July Goals
Notetaker for Christeen x 4 more 7/20/10 0%
Dye new “Tahoe” color palette, silk and cotton 7/31/10 0%
4-5 Simply Beautiful Totes 7/31/10 0%
Simply Beautiful Tote Pattern 7/31/10 0%
Tote of many pockets Pattern 7/31/10 0%
Messenger Bag Pattern 7/31/10 10%
Lesley Website 7/31/10 0%
Bizzi Lizzi Website 7/31/10 0%
Vicki Website 7/31/10 0%
Cindy Website 7/31/10 0%
RAA Website 7/31/10 0%

Yup, the websites are sort of snowballing, aren’t they? I need to NOT freak out about that – because I don’t have to generate the content for them – I’ve got to build the frame, train the user and let them fly…but I’ve got to make sure I don’t let this consume me!

To learn more about the meetup, go here!

13 Responses

  1. What a wonderful time we had! I love that your cyber personality rings so true to the 3-D version! I adore my laptop messenger bag. I love a utilitarian piece of art. Here’s to a wonderful July!

  2. Hey! Thanks for indirectly introducing me to the Meetup! What a great bunch of ladies this seems to be. Glad you had a good time on your vacation. Looks like you have a lot planned for this month — good luck to you in staying focused. You always inspire me so much 🙂

  3. I love seeing you two together! And the kids look like they are having a great time. I’m glad you’re vacation was enjoyable and that I got to live vicariously through your photos. Welcome back!

    Good luck with your goals. You’ll make those websites fabulous, one at a time.

  4. How wonderful for the two of you to meet! It looks like everyone had a great time.

    Funny how we don’t realize our need for down time until we have some. Slowing down can be exhausting but once you do it and regenerate we see it’s importance! So glad you were able to reboot!

  5. Yay for a fun vacation and love that you and Angie got to hang out, down time can be highly under rated when looking over a long to-do list, and is so very important. Have a great July Candy!

  6. So great that you and Angie got to hang out at Sand Harbor the pics are wonderful. Thanks for your email last month. I have not responded yet due to all my personal life commitments but rest assured I will. You are a busy lady and quite inspiring…Thanks for all your input. Have a great July…

  7. that vaca looks picture-perfect! glad you got some time off. holy moly, you’re designing websites too!?

  8. It looks like you had a really productive June AND you had a vacation! 😀

    We ended up being in Salt Lake around the time you guys met up, we spent a lot of time in California though and I think I need to go back and visit Lake Tahoe and spend more time in Yosemite. I absolutely loved it there.

    Good luck in July 🙂