Keep Parts and Pieces Organized

You may have noticed that I’ve got quite a lot to do in the next week and a half – Yikes! I’m working on 2 different messenger bags at the same time (each of them custom with significant changes to my normal “pattern” such as it is at the moment) , trying to not go insane. Here’s what I do to help me keep all the parts and pieces in place:

  • Excel spreadsheets with the size of each piece, color coded not only for the color of fabric to use but what kind of fabric to but it out of.
  • Avery labels with each piece name on it – I peel each of these off and stick it on the fabric as I cut it.

It’s 8:11 AM here in Sunny CA, so I’m still allowed to be on the computer, I will stick to the schedule, I will stick to the schedule….

wish me LUCK! 😉

3 Responses

  1. Organization is key and can be a time saver. I need to get better. This is a great idea. Thanks for sharing.