As I was skimming my google reader this morning (shh…during a faculty meeting, school’s out but we’ve got some planning to do) I came across this image/quote in Jessica’s blog Vol. 25. I think I need to listen to it! I have a huge amount of plans for this summer, this includes much more computer work than I’m used to. I’ve fallen into the rabbit hole of website design, and I’m afraid if I don’t set some boundaries, things are gonna get out of control. So, I’m gonna try to follow a loose schedule to try limit the amount of time I spend on the computer.

7-9 AM: blog reading/breakfast, email, web design

noon-1PM: blog reading/lunch & email

7-9 PM: dyeing plans, bag making plans & labels, write post for next day

9-11: Sit on that chaise, read blogs and watch TV with hubby

For now, I’m gonna leave twitter up and running, but I may have to cut back on that too.

Of course, it’s3PM right now, but I just decided to do this, so that doesn’t count! 😉

Wish me luck!

2 Responses

  1. ha! we manage our time just the same way…it’s amazing how much more i get accomplished when i manage to micromanage the hours! i give myself extremely short time frames to do lousy tasks like laundry and dishes – because otherwise it winds up being a piecemeal task that lasts all day!