Welcome to my neighborhood: day 5

Today is my last day of school! My students give their presentations, and (the theory is) I’ll grade those, get final grades calculated and posted and then I’m done! (Well, except for graduation on Saturday…) I fell asleep at 9:30 last night, I must be tired!

Anyway, I’m having fun sharing my wee little houses with you one at a time whilst I toils through these last few days before SUMMER VACATION! This house was inspired by a graphic designed by Linda, the gal behind a la Mode Stuff. (She’s got a flickr group called Living Handmade where folks take pix of handmade items in their home they’ve purchased from other folks…I’ve got a pile of art that needs to be framed and hung in my house – on the list of things to do this summer so I can join in the fun!) My intention behind all these houses is to give them names that reflect either the architect who championed a particular style, or perhaps just a name that is more descriptive than “flat roof” for example. But intentions…well we all know about those. Linda and I tweeted a bit about this the other day, and she did come up with a fabulous name for today’s house, now I just need names for the others! Anyone?

4 Responses

  1. Love it!!! And the prior one! I’m not good with names so I won’t give you any lame suggestions, lol – but I dearly love your neighborhood!