Mid May Goals Checkup

It has been a crazy couple of weeks, including 2 birthday celebrations for my now 9 year old, but I DID get the 30 custom totes done. Actually, I got them done a day before they were originally promised, and I made 31, not 30, the last a gift for Merle…she needed one too, did she not? Anyway, if you’re wondering what 30 tote bags look like:

I really do love seeing things all lined up! I’m a whackadoo, I know… I lined them all (well most of them, 5 didn’t fit here) up on my worktable/ironing board so Merle could see this when she came in:

Pretty cool, huh? Anyway, deadlines…I got a lot of things finished in time for my final Spring show, and now the big scary deadline of my Mod House ornament article is looming. I’m not only writing the article, but I’m drafting patterns, making a new batch of houses to check the patterns, and then I’ve got to make some “step outs” so the photographer can take some in progress shots. I’ve been working quite hard, exhausting myself a bit, and really falling behind in reponsding to comments here…but one more push in the next few days to get the article done and things can return to “normal”.

May Goals
Going Green Journals 5/7/10 100%
Little Wallets for Spring Shows 5/7/10 100%
5 new convertible clutches 5/7/10 100%
30 Going Green Totes for Merle 5/16/10 100%
Mod House Ornaments Article due 5/20/10 65%
RAA Newsletter 5/12/10 100%
Flute Messenger Bag for Allison 5/31/10 0%
Travel bag for Catherine 5/31/10 0%
Bag for Julie Cary’s mom 5/31/10 0%
Little Wallet Tutorial (poor little ignored thing!) 5/31/10 0%

I’m actually doing pretty well with the list, I think this is partly because I drafted a list that I knew was possible, and I worked like a maniac – when I could. May term, 60,000 differnt end of school kid activites, it’s all biting me in the behind…but 2 weeks from today, graduation will be over and then SUMMER VACATION! WOOT! I have such PLANS! (It includes taking over the world…)

One more picture of some of those pretty totes:

I’m sharing this with Kim and friends here: And Amy’s Sew & Tell too!

15 Responses

  1. these pictures gave me a big zing – i love that feeling of uniting the handmade with the assembly line! now this is what i call a creative explosion!

  2. Congrats! They look amazing! Lookie you crossing off all those big fat goals! You did it! Good luck with all the other goals!

  3. Those totes are beautiful! And I don’t envy you that to-do list – mine is long, but I don’t think it’s as bad as yours. Hopefully we’ll both make it through ours by the end of the month!!

  4. Fantastic! Way to get things done!! The tote bags are beautiful and I’m sure they’ll be loved. Good luck with the rest of that list! 🙂

  5. Oh my! You have been working hard! Your list is impressive. Thank you so much for taking time out to comment, though. Your summer break will be well-earned. Love the bags!