Makers Must: a Q & A on Process with a la mode Linda Demers

Today, I’d like to introduce you Linda Demers. She’s a regular contributor to Scoutie Girl where her photo layouts always wow me. Although we’ve never met face to face, we have so much in common. 
Through twitter I’ve learned that we liked the same perfumes as teenagers, her two boys are the same age as mine, and she has a wicked sense of humor! She’s a very versatile indie designer, from bags made from re-purposed seat belt webbing to photography, everything she makes has a touch of post-industrial-ness about it, very unique, very “a la mode”!

1. Where are you located globally?

I am currently just outside of Providence, RI, in a small town on the east side of the Narragansett Bay.

2. Where are you found online?

I feel like I’m everywhere online.  However, here are my major online homes:

My website:

My blog:


FB Fan page:

Etsy shop:


3. What is your favorite thing to make?

That is a tough question because it changes every day, week, and sometimes moment. I really get excited about learning something new. Currently, I’m enjoying mixed media photo art and my photography. But my sewing machine is calling me and soon I’ll be making some new bags. I can feel it in my bones.

4. When you’re making it…

a. what do you love most about it?

I love the design process from inception to completion. I sometimes come up with designs in my sleep – literally. I then fixate on it until I figure out how to make it. Often, I’ll put off projects I should be working on just to figure out something new.

b. is there some part you really can’t stand?

Making and fixing mistakes. For example, I hate ripping out seams. I’d almost rather start the item over again from the beginning rather than take it apart.

5. Do you consider yourself process or product oriented?

I guess I’m process oriented. I really enjoy coming up with a design, dissecting it, and successfully creating it. If I were product oriented, I’d not have so many unfinished items lying around my studio.

Thank you, Candy, for letting me share some of myself on your blog! You are an inspirational blogger and talented artist whom I admire dearly!

Thanks Linda! Right back at ‘ya! Let’s not have a contest of how many UFO’s we each have, please! 😉 You’re living in one of my favorite places now, and I know you’d like to be living out here on the West Coast. Here’s hoping we can meet one day in the real world!

5 Responses

  1. Thanks for the interesting interview with Linda. I can totally relate to her comment about putting off current projects to work on something new. In fact, I don’t really like repeat orders because it means I have to make the same thing over again (not that I don’t welcome them for other reasons! 🙂 ). The creative process of making new designs is so much more fun than making something that’s already planned out and pre-determined. I also hate having to fix or redo things. I suppose that’s because it’s not usually very creative (although I have done some creative fixes!). Much success to both of you! ~Corinne at Bagalicious,

  2. Love Linda, love her designs…she has a very cool, urban & chic aesthetic! Basically, she rocks! Beth