Backyard Fun, Spring is Here

Although I didn’t do much dyeing this weekend, I did a LOT last weekend, and have a fun blog post about a big experiment I did planned for later in the week. Spring is here in Southern CA, so jasmine and orange trees are blooming – it smells awesome! I thought I’d show you where I dye all my fabric:

When I’m dyeing the kids come out to play, and at the end of the day, everything gets cleaned up an put away, so there’s time for fun things like making pizza on the grill…

and watching hummingbirds! After almost 6 years living in S. CA I still can’t get used to how different the seasons are from other places I’ve lived…no scilla and daffodils here! What’s blooming where you live?

13 Responses

  1. Beautiful shot of the hummingbird! That had to be hard to capture.
    Sure looks like spring at your house. Nice set up for your outdoor dying.
    Pizza looks yummy!

  2. Daffodils…
    snap dragons
    California poppies!
    Bizzy Lizzy’s
    to name a few… not to mention the dandelions!

  3. For me, a great backyard space vital. It’s great for work and kids and a fresh perspective. I love your work area. It looks so efficient!

  4. AAAAHHHHHHH Auntie Candy’s famous pizza on the grill!!! Nothing compares to it!! Now I am hungry 🙂

  5. So nice that you have a designated area…outside!! Bulbs are beginning to peek through the ground. Crocus have appeared. Right now we are flooded. Maybe it will bring lots of May flowers.

  6. Love your backyard dying station setup! You have a beautiful huge backyard and how fun for the boys to play in too!

  7. Love your work area! It must be heaven to dye there!

    I’m up in the High Desert — very little is blooming. The wild plum tree in my back yard and an occasional desert wild flower, but that’s about it. No hummingbirds near our house — but we do have seagulls. Go figure! (Actually, we live in between two small man-made lakes, so that’s where they come from, but it’s still kind of surreal to see them in the middle of the desert!)