A Simple Way to Improve an Organized Drawer

Motivation has been lacking this week. Faithful readers will know that my university has been going through some tough times. Our president resigned a bit over a week ago, and our previous president (who retired from us 5 years ago) has stepped in as interim. This is hopeful because he’s brought the University through some tough times before, he’s a great communicator, and people trust him, but when all is said and done, money has to be saved. So, as I’m discovering, I turn to organizing something that’s been nagging me when I’m losing focus.

My studio is in a bit of a shambles, so I figured I’d clean it and add a bit more organization to the drawer I showed you a couple of weeks ago. I have lots of different bits of bag hardware,  and I used dividers my friend Liz had given me to give them each their own separate place:

But, the dividers are just sides, no bottom – I think they’re for individual pairs of socks or something. (PLEASE note: my sock drawer does NOT loook in the least bit organized – I dump all the underwear, bras and paired socks in one big drawer willy nilly – see I’m not a wacko OCD gal, just someone who likes to find what they have! Look how easily I can now see that when I’m getting low in something!) The divider was shifting each time I opened the drawer and the hardware was starting to slide underneath the dividers and get all messed up! SO, I made some wee boxes to tuck inside each space.

Now, I LOVE little baskets and boxes. Did you see the whole post on baskets Lori Dunbar wrote today on Scoutie Girl? Love them ALL. But dude, I just need to keep my triglides from gliding around, i need to keep it simple! So here’s what I did!

  1. The spaces inside the dividers are 3 1/8″ square, so I 1st cut some cardstock I had on hand to 3 x 3 1/8″ = 9 3/8″
  2. Cut strips 3 1/8″ wide.
  3. Squiggle a little glue across the center of one strip, center a second one on top – this is the bottom of the box. Let dry under books to keep flat.
  4. Fold up the sides.
  5. Tape them together with masking tape.
  6. They’re not perfect, they don’t need to be!
  7. Make more! 16 altogether!

It’s time to order more 1 1/2″ triglides!

Alright, this is not the sexiest project I’ve ever completed, but it was 1) free and 2) gets the job done!

Hope I don’t disappoint Kim over at the “I made it” blog party this week! 😉 But you should go check it out – she’s having an awesome handmade candy giveaway!

8 Responses

  1. It would be easier if you’d come by and do it for me, lol!

    You make me want to clean out my drawers. If only you could see the mess I’m in! You’ve inspired me to get cracking on the organization!!

  2. Check out lisasartmusings.blogspot.com for a similar project that she posted today. She used plastic canvas for her drawers, cutting them to fit her needs. Both projects look fun and useful.

  3. That’s why I got rid of my drawer organizers, there was no bottom – trust you to come up with the clever solution! Looks great!