It’s a bird!

One of the motifs I’m been working in for the past year or so  is birds, lots of birds!

I’ve really wanted to expand my birds to that 3rd dimension. You saw a bit of that in  my 3-d birdhouse I was in a rush to make last week:

I’d like to make some birds with real character though. So I thought I’d share that journey with you here! This bird is made from a pattern Terry Grant of “And Sew it Goes” published in Quilt Scene magazine last year. Her birds are FANTASTIC, and I’m so happy to be jumping into the 3-d world. Now that I understand a bit about how a 3 dimensional bird is built, I’m hoping to develop my own style of bird. But here’s my very 1st little 3-d bird, waiting for a house!

I’m off!

I’m sharing this with my buddies here:

13 Responses

  1. Yay she’s on a roll! I adore your birdhouse, and your new bird – can’t wait to see what comes from your creative mind!

  2. Omg that bird is so cute! I love the patterns on the wings. I can’t wait to see your birdhouse for this cutie.

  3. wow, these are fantastic! I love how the eye socket dips a bit, how the tail is perks up, and the legs aren’t straight. Just lovely! Did you create these fabrics? Ohhh, and the multi-colored thread. Beautiful, you are such an artist!