March Meetup Mid-Month Checkup

Is that enough M’s for you? 😉

Here’s how I’m doing on this month’s goals (green is new stuff added as the month progresses).

March Goals
Website: Design Headers for “Special Topic” posts 3/31/10 50%
RAA Newsletter 3/10/10 100%
Dye Scarves for Spring Shows 3/8/10 25%
Finish “Pocketin Boards” prototypes 3/2/10 100%
Pocketin Board Tutorial 3/2/10 100%
Little Wallets for Spring Shows 3/8/10 0%
Little Wallet Tutorial 3/15/10 0%
Going Green Totes 3/8/10 100%
Going Green Journals 3/8/10 0%
MMM show Entries 3/7/10 100%
Blog Baby Shower: Rainbow Onesies Dyed & Tutorial Written 3/11/10 100%
3-d Birdhouses & 3-d Row Houses 3/7/10 10%
Website: finish buy me buttons, order page for bags 3/31/10 0%
Extra Meetup Post 3/19/10 0%
Rubber stamp for bags 3/31/10 0%

It’s been a crazy busy couple of weeks, but I have gotten a lot accomplished! I had some great sales at a boutique for the National Auxiliary for Loma Linda Medical school. Totally worth getting up at 5AM and driving 60 miles! An opportunity to do some networking came my way, so I squeezed in a tutorial on making rainbow dyed onesies for a Blog Baby Shower put together by Linda over at alamodestuff. That was fun, but would have benefitted from a couple more days planning!

I did get three pieces made and submitted to the MMM show. Although I wish I had more time to develop them more, I at least got them entered. They were all accepted into the show is well, I’m very pleased with that. I went to the opening last night and took some pix:

I’ve got to take some time and plot out how I’m gonna get my booth stocked for 3 different shows in April and May! AND figure out how I can hang some pocketin boards in that booth!  The Monthly Goal Meetup happens every month over at Athena Dreams. Come check it out!

3 Responses

  1. yay for getting things accomplished! 🙂 and for being in an art show!

    My problem this month is that I keep adding things and therefore feel like I’m not moving anywhere.. hopefully I’ll sort it out by the end.

  2. Candy, I seriously wish I was half as organized as you are! You are amazing! Glad that your artwork was accepted into the show!