Tutorial for My Easy, Go-To Baby Shower Gift: A Rainbow Of Dyed Onesies

When thinking about baby showers, I immediately think of my go-to present for a baby shower: a bunch of dyed onesies and socks. Quick to do and oh so useful, theyโ€™re always a favorite at the shower. I love seeing them all laid out in a color wheel! So, I thought I’d put together an Downloadable Tutorial on how to make these, so you too can whip out an amazing baby shower gift in a very short amount of hands-on time:


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  1. I love the personalized greeting cards in rainbow dots…how fun. And I’ve coveted one of your going green journals for quite a while. The colors of the onsies are smashing and I have two more great-nieces or nephews on the way. But they’re unisex, so yippee.

  2. Oh look at those lovely bright colours. I love them. Thank you for the tutorial. I really hope to find some time to try it.

  3. That was a lot of fun – thanks! As for picking out favorites, hmmmmmm. I totally go for the bags. No question there. It is hard to pick a single one, but if I have to, I pick the medium tote as much for the size as for the polka dots. In Etsy I would go for the perpetual calendar. Smidge was fun, too. I am going to head over there and look at some of her mosaics, like “affordable art”. Too bad we don’t live near each other. I have tons of fun dying stuff. I even had a tie dye party when my friend turned 50. We did socks, underwear, dish towels and pillow cases.

    I’ll RSS this, too.

  4. The link for SMidgebox in your text here is not working. but I found another one that did somewhere on your blog. I just thought you’d like to know.

  5. The onesies are great! And I love your tutorial. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I like Lindy’s perpetual calendar and your grab ‘n go clutch!

  6. I am liking the onesies right now and I think Timmy the turtle would look nice on the wall.

  7. You know that I LOVE everything that you do…oh…and by the way….don,t loose the pattern for my quilt cause you will need to make an exact duplicate for my ‘big girl bed’!!

  8. Oh, this isn’t as easy as it sounds!! I liked the Owl cards in Lindy’s shop. Your messenger bags are awesome!! I think the colors you work with are so cheerful yet adult. I love seeing what you do!!