Meetup: March Goals

My Spring Break Break officially started on Friday,  but the  University I work at is in turmoil, the administration wants to cut 20-30 Faculty positions from my College. That’s a lotta jobs for a faculty that is ~ 170 people. The faculty are rising admirably to action, but I so fear that it is too late, the decision to cut has been made, they’re just waiting to see how many senior faculty take a golden handshake and retire to figure out how many other people to cut. Although as a Sr. lecturer with a 6 year contract, (I’m one of like 3 on campus, so our fate is rather murky…) hubby and I are pretty darn sure that my position is safe, there’s so much misery around it causes me to doubt that, and in general just become an empathy sponge. Top that off with the guilt that I’m relatively relieved that I don’t have to worry, and that I’m starting to view every one through the lens of whether or not they’re on the chopping block – and I’ve been an emotional wreck these past 5 days.

I’m going to try really hard to stay busy when I don’t have emergency meetings to attend, so I hope I get a lot accomplished. I’ve been extremely unfocussed, I’m so afraid that my true  creative juices are gone astray. I’ve been planning to do some more 3-d work over this week in preparation for a juried show whose take in is 7 days away, I’m so worried that this won’t happen. I’ve got a small show a week from today that I need more scarves and going green bags for, that HAS to happen. But I needed to organize something, it somehow makes me feel more in control, so while monitoring this amazing set of communication between faculty over a list serve, I switched around how I store my hardware and paper. Before I used to store all my hardware in the little ikea drawers, and that big drawer in the printer held all the different papers & labels I use.

I’ve now switched them, using only drawers and boxes I had hanging around, and I like this much better:

I got a “bee in my bonnet” about organizing my walls, so I did spend some time on a couple of “Pocketin Boards” AND I’m about halfway thru with a tute for those!  Here’s how I did on my February Goals (note! not only are my taxes done, but my refund is IN the BANK!):

February Goals
Messenger for Julie 2/9/10 100%
Clutch for Kathy 2/7/10 100%
Max Growing Up Quilt 2/28/10 100%
Website: Design Headers for “Special Topic” posts 2/28/10 50%
RAA Newsletter 2/10/10 100%
TAXES! 2/15/10 100%
Dye Scarves for Spring Shows 2/28/10 0%
Make “Pocketin Boards” prototypes 2/28/10 95%
“Pocketin Board Tutorial” 2/28/10 50%
Little Wallet Tutorial 2/28/10 0%
Going Green Totes 2/28/10 0%
Going Green Journals 2/28/10 0%
3-d Birdhouses & 3-d Row Houses 2/28/10 0%
Website: finish buy me buttons, order page for bags 2/28/10 0%
New Business Cards Ordered 2/28/10 100%
Rubber stamp for bags 2/28/10 0%

So, here’s what I’ve got to try to accomplish this month, as far as Candied Fabrics is concerned:

March Goals
Website: Design Headers for “Special Topic” posts 3/31/10 50%
RAA Newsletter 3/10/10 0%
Dye Scarves for Spring Shows 3/8/10 0%
Finish “Pocketin Boards” prototypes 3/2/10 95%
Pocketin Board Tutorial 3/2/10 50%
Little Wallets for Spring Shows 3/8/10 0%
Little Wallet Tutorial 3/15/10 0%
Going Green Totes 3/8/10 0%
Going Green Journals 3/8/10 0%
3-d Birdhouses & 3-d Row Houses 3/7/10 0%
Website: finish buy me buttons, order page for bags 3/31/10 0%
Rubber stamp for bags 3/31/10 0%

Here’s hoping I can get most of this done. Equally important though is supporting my colleagues and students and husband through this incredibly stressful time.

The Monthly Goal Meetup happens every month over at Athena Dreams. Come check it out!

14 Responses

  1. you really have a great, organized space to work in 🙂 I wish I had that much room. Also, congrats on getting stuff done in February 🙂 Happy March!

  2. I’m praying for you to stay strong despite the university turmoil so that you can focus on your art. Good luck on your upcoming shows and applications! You can do it!!

  3. Try to be kind to yourself, Candy. The situation you’re in is completely out of your control, so don’t feel guilty about surviving a cut. Be as thankful as you can be 🙂 And it sounds like you are using your frustration in a positive and effective way! I hope you get everything completed for your show and take a big chunk out of your goals for March.

  4. wow, great job for feb – love your organized space! good luck for march and the juried show.

    i hope your univ. situation works out ok, it sounds really stressful and i hope march can turn around on a positive note! spring is on its way:)

  5. I will keep good thoughts for you, your teaching position and your colleagues, it’s crazy times out there… and a happy and fruitful March to you and Candied Fabrics! Your space is more beautiful and clean and inspiring each time you post photos, gorgeous work space.

  6. Ok I’m totally envious of your great space to work in! And I love how you’ve listed your goals for the month–I might borrow that idea. I really hope everything works out, and I’m sorry its so stressful.

  7. The university system here in GA is going through the same thing. They are talking about 30% cuts and a 35% tuition hike. What I would say to you is to stay encouraged. Without being too preachy remember that we are doomed to failure if we operate out of fear. When you feel scared take a deep breath and CREATE (I also declutter). We are so blessed to be artists. Deborah

  8. I just got laid off recently so I know how frustrating & sad it is to go through that. But I believe everything happens for a reason so I’m not upset anymore. Instead I’m focusing on my crafts & taking my GRE’s to get into grad school. I hope everything works out for you & your colleagues. And again, I love the setup of your office. Even the insides of your drawer is organized. I just finished my taxes this month too.. I’m just not excited for paying them `=T. Good luck on your goals this month!