Mid February Meetup Goals Check in

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Well, I’m halfway through the month and I’m making decent progress through my goals. I’ve made some changes to my list:

  1. I quickly made a custom clutch for a customer whose needed a quick birthday present.
  2. Even though I had taken it off my list, as it had languished there for months, I put a baby quilt that I’d promised this summer to my sister-in-law back on the list. I recognized the symptom of that nagging feeling getting in the way of anything creative and realized that it would be better to just “Git ‘er DONE!” Lo and behold, I worked on it most of Sunday and it’s almost done.
  3. I’ve worked through my Schedule C info, and hope to sit down with hubby and Turbo Tax and get our taxes done soon. Even though I’d purchased a special inventory tracking excel spreadsheet that I wanted to start using, I realized that the system I’ve got now is working well enough, remembered my word for the year: “Simplify”, and decided that I didn’t need to set this up – so it’s officially OFF the list! Yahoo!
  4. Oh, I got my head wrapped around something I’ve been mulling over for awhile: designing headers for the beginning of “special topic” posts with this “Inspiration” header I designed, what do you think? Should I do this for other topics?
February Goals
Messenger for Julie 2/9/10 100%
Clutch for Kathy 2/7/10 100%
Max Growing Up Quilt 2/28/10 85%
Website: Design Headers for “Special Topic” posts 2/28/10 25%
RAA Newsletter 2/10/10 100%
TAXES! 2/15/10 50%
Dye Scarves for Spring Shows 2/28/10 0%
Little Wallet Tutorial 2/28/10 0%
Going Green Totes 2/28/10 0%
Going Green Journals 2/28/10 0%
3-d Birdhouses & 3-d Row Houses 2/28/10 0%
Website: finish buy me buttons, order page for bags 2/28/10 0%
New Business Cards Ordered 2/28/10 0%
Rubber stamp for bags 2/28/10 0%

The Monthly Goal Meetup happens every month over at Athena Dreams. Come check it out!

4 Responses

  1. Love you Inspiration headers, and YES make more for future ideas… Looks like February is moving right along for you…