Inspiration: Companies with a Conscience

There are many companies out there trying to leave the world a healthier place.  I wanted to tell you a bit about 2 that I have met and come to love through the blog-o-sphere.

1st up is Daisy Janie. I’ve written before about Jan, the beginning and end of all things Daisy Janie. She’s an amazing graphic designer, and has been in the forefront of organic fabric design. She’s gone from selling her designs digitally printed on organic goods directly to the public on her website and Etsy:

to offering her 1st wholesale collection, Geo Grand, which debuts in March (can that be just a couple of weeks away?)

What got me inspired to write to you today was she just blogged about passing up an awesome opportunity, because it meant forgoing one of her main focal points in her mission, to work with organic materials in order to lessen her impact on the environment. That surely is putting her money where her mouth is!

The other company I wanted to tell you about was Ecojot, a Canadian company that makes 100% post-consumer recycled paper products that are acid-free, processed chlorine free with bio-degradable inks & glues. No new trees are used to make the paper and the paper mill is powered by biogas harnessed from a nearby landfill!

They’re the company I chose to buy my journal inserts from when I started making my Going Green Journals:


Not only do they make beautiful products that are great for the environment, they’ve started this stupendous “Buy One, We Give One” campaign. It is the company’s new business model committed to directly advocate children’s arts and literacy in developing countries. In many poor areas young students cannot afford school supplies, nor are they provided them. In an effort to equip children in need with basic school supplies, ecojot will donate a notebook for every ecojot journal, jumbo journal and sketchbook purchased.

They’re also having a giveaway to get the word out for this campaign, so head on over and enter!

It is an honor and a privilege to know these companies, they inspire me to try my best to add to the earth, rather than take away from it, with my art!


4 Responses

  1. Thank you for the generous statement about DJ! Feeling very good about my decision! I love ecojots – so glad you were able to find such a nice notebook for your journals. I’m waiting on some estimates from my calendar printer for notebooks as I write this!!!

  2. Candy~ What a great post… So touched that ecojot is an inspiration to you, and so glad that we met on the blogsphere too! Thank you for your kind and encouraging words 🙂

    @daisy janie what beautiful designs! kudos to you and your commitment to the environment!

  3. Being environmentally conscious is very important to me, too, and I try to incorporate eco-friendly practices into my work as well. But this post definitely inspires to me try harder and do better!