A Custom Convertible Clutch for a Lucky Sister!

I got an email on Saturday from a local gal who’d been saving my card until it was time to buy her daisy and bird loving sister a gift. Could I possibly make a clutch that had both a daisy botanical sketch and one of my birds? Oh, and her birthday was this coming Saturday, how fast could it be done?

Usually my Botanical Sketches are placed against an abstractly shaped block of color. I love the play of the line as it crosses back and forth that shape. My birds, although relatively literal, are again to me, about a few simple shapes, trying to convey movement or stillness, and often a relationship between 2 or more figures. The thought of putting these two elements together gave me some questions of scale and perspective. That evening I found myself sitting in an auditorium waiting for a concert to start, and my sketch book page is just about the size of my clutch flap, so I drew some possible placements. The next morning, my client Kathy came by, and we talked about the relative merits of each of the sketches and both agreed upon the last one I had drawn. We then pulled out some canvas to block out the color choices, and I was then able to quickly cut out a bird and wing of the approximate size. She was pleased with the plan and went about her day. I was finishing up another messenger bag, and felt no pressure, because the hard decisions were done! Although I still had to actually make the bag on a quik turnaround, there would be no hesitation as to what it would look like. Here is the fabric block out as well as my sketches. Please note – I really do NOT sketch well at ALL with a pen!

And the finished product!

I hope Kathy and her sister like it!


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